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Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods: Theory and Applications

FWF Special Research Program (SFB)

Project Parts

The SFB consists of 13 project parts. Below are listed short descriptions of each project part.

Project Part 01 (G. Larcher): Coordination Project

Project Part 02 (M. Drmota): Subsequences of Automatic Sequences and Uniform Distribution

Project Part 03 (P. Grabner): Distributing Points on Spheres and Manifolds: Minimal Energy and Designs

Project Part 04 (P. Hellekalek): Arithmetic Primitives for Uniform Distribution Modulo 1 (until 31.01.2018)

Project Part 05 (R. Hofer): Digital Sequences and Related Hybrid Sequences

Project Part 06 (P. Kritzer): Approximation of Integrals and Functions by New Types of Quasi-Monte Carlo Algorithms

Project Part 07 (G. Larcher): Improved Discrepancy Estimates for Various Classes of Sequences

Project Part 08 (G. Leobacher): Adapting QMC Algorithms to the Simulation Problem

Project Part 09 (F. Pillichshammer): Digital Nets and Lattice Based Integration Rules

Project Part 10 (R. Tichy): Diophantine Equations, Discrepancy and Finance

Project Part 11 (A. Winterhof): On the Hierarchy of Measures of Pseudorandomness (until 31.01.2018)

Project Part 12 (C. Aistleitner): Number-theoretic, probabilistic and computational aspects of uniform distribution theory (since 01.02.2018)

Project Part 13 (A. Hinrichs): Complexity of integration and approximation in function spaces (since 01.02.2018)