Workshops, Seminars, Schools

Within the SFB we will organize annual workshops, seminars and schools on themes related to the topics of the SFB for all the SFB participants. These will help to continue existing and to create new collaborations within the SFB and with external cooperators. Invited senior scientists shall participate at these workshops and the young researchers, who are employed by the SFB, will have the opportunity to present their results. In this context they will have a forum to exchange ideas, as well as to discuss scientific problems with the (senior) participants at the workshops, from within and outside the SFB.

The summer schools will mainly be targeted at PhD students and Postdocs. A small number of selected lecturers, in part members of the SFB, in part invited experts, will present lecture courses on recent developments and will be available for scientific exchange with the participating (mainly) young researchers.

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Previous Events

  • SFB Kooperationsworkshop, Linz, 19-20.04.2018, program

           Raum: JKU, BR 5 (1. Stock, Unicenter, above the mensa)

  • Mini-symposium "Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods" at the 19th ÖMG-DMV congress, Salzburg, September 11 - 15, 2017




  • SFB Mentoring - Modul 2: Mathematik! Verständlich! Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Taschner (TU Wien) with the participation of Angelika Wienerroither MA (SN), Salzburg, 1-3.10.2015, program.
  • Open Problems Workshop with Prof. Beck, Linz, 18.06.2015, program
  • SFB Mentoring - Modul 1: Schreiben! Lernen!, Dr. Jennifer Allen (Berlin), Salzburg, 17-19.04.2015
  • SFB Kooperationsworkshop, Linz, 14.11.2014, program
  • SFB Seminar, Graz, 8-9.05.2014, pdf